This Blog is the second version of my english blog. The first version was started in 2012 (first post) in september and end in 2016 end of the year.

Why changing ? Because, I like to start things from scratch. Because this blog will be better. Because the url (the address) is easier to remember.


  • Music : all music of today and yesterday
  • Photos : it is kind of photo album
  • Reflexion about news
  • Technical or IT information

What Is My New Blog Aimed To ? Improving my knowledge of English. English is not my native language. Would you please help ?

How to contact me ?

I didn’t put a contact page yet with a form but I give you few way to contact me

  • Comment. Comments are open during a period of time that is not defined yet. Few month.  If the topic is in relation with a post that is the best way to contact me.
  • Gnusocial You can contact me with gnusocial (it is a twitter like decentralised network) my account is
  • Hubzilla : As I don’t use facebook or almost not, if you want to contact me with more security and more privaty, you can contact me with my hubzilla account that is  . AlIf you don’t have either diaspora, friendica or huzilla account create it it will be usefull like an email account.