Family Force 5 – This Is My Year

This music is antidepressing. This is my year. If you have projects, you don’t need to wait more, GO ! This is your year.

Ain’t gonna be broken-hearted
Gonna leave my fear behind

I must translate english to english because I don’t understand the first version probably slang version of english.

My heart will not be brocken
I am going to leave my fear behind

And I’m not gonna waste my time –> I don’t understand the english gonna but that should be going
I am not going to waste my time.

Time it’s time to get things started : As I am a good procrastinater, this word speaks to me. Don’t push at tomorrow what you can make now.

Дочь Фермера и Катя Гавриелова – Закружило снегом

Daughter Farmer and Katya Gavrilova – Spun around with snow

Мы никогда не знаем, что произойдет с нами в следующую секунду. Завтрашний день нам не принадлежит.
Но мы в любую минуту можем обратиться в молитве к нашему Отцу Небесному, Который всегда слышит и ждет нас. Молитва имеет огромную силу.
Мы можем быть уверены в Его любви к нам, несмотря на любые обстоятельства.

We never know what will happen to us in the next second. Tomorrow does not belong to us.
But we can at any moment turn to our Heavenly Father in prayer, who always hears and waits for us. Prayer has tremendous power.
We can be sure of His love for us, in spite of any circumstances.


This year we have not had lot of snow. This only now end of february and begining of march that we have few days of cold and snow. Today a lot of snow has fallen. When I came home after the working day, I stoped and took that photo. The sun decided to shine. Snow with sun has something brilliant.



The next photo is the first Alps from Fribourg Canton.

Near Lausanne road condition was terrible



Driving too fast in France

Few days ago, I visited my father at hospital. Maybe it was the last time I saw him. And at the way back, decided to take the tunnel to cross Vosges mountain instead of the smal road pass.

I didn’t realised that I drove too fast 85 instead of 70. There was no other cars, no Trucks and the road was straight. Sundenly a flash. I was driving a car with a swiss number in France. Maybe I will not receive the fine.

Today I receive it. I have to pay 45€ if I don’t pay immediatly that will be 135€.

Communication between european countries and Switzerland is now automatic.

Billy Graham is dead at the age of 99

Billy Graham reached more than 200 million through his appearances and millions more through his pioneering use of television and radio.

More than anyone else, Graham built evangelicalism into a force that rivaled liberal Protestantism and Roman Catholicism in the United States. His leadership summits and crusades in more than 185 countries and territories forged powerful global links among conservative Christians, and threw a lifeline to believers in the communist-controlled Eastern bloc. Dubbed “America’s pastor,” he was a confidant to U.S. presidents.

Américan evangelist Billy Graham, who counseled presidents and preached to millions across the world from his native North Carolina to communist North Korea during his 70 years in the pulpit, died on Wednesday at the age of 99, a spokesman said.

He died at 8am EST (1pm GMT) at his home in Montreat, North Carolina, according to Jeremy Blume, a spokesman for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

According to his ministry, he preached to more people than anyone else in history, reaching hundreds of millions of people either in person or via TV and satellite links. He was famed for his style of roaming the stage and hoisting a Bible as he declared Jesus Christ to be the only solution to humanity’s problems.

Mr Graham, nicknamed God’s Machine Gun, became the de facto White House chaplain to several US presidents, most famously Richard Nixon. He also met with scores of world leaders and was the first noted evangelist to take his message behind the Iron Curtain.

Graham used the power of new technologies, like radio and television, to spread his message of personal salvation to an estimated 215 million people globally, while simultaneously reflecting on technology’s limitations. Reciting the story of King David to audiences at TED1998, “David found that there were many problems that technology could not solve. There were many problems still left. And they’re still with us, and you haven’t solved them, and I haven’t heard anybody here speak to that,” he said, referring to human evil, suffering, and death. To Graham, the answer to these problems was to be found in God. Even after his death, through the work of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, led by his son Franklin, his message of personal salvation will live on. (Watch Graham’s TED Talk)

Visit at hospital

This weekend I was visiting my father. After a long way of driving of few hours I could find the hospital. He explained me what happend. , Suddently he could not stand. So he was at the doctor and the doctor call ambulance. I saw my father who cannot go out his bed with thing that help him to breath with oxygen. It was hard to see him like that. You know I am leaving far away from my family.

Maybe it was the last time I saw him. He was so tired and changed… Memory come back … Emotion with the feeling that I didn’t say what I should. What will you say if you see someone for the last time. It is not easy.

Tine de Conflan January 2017

La Tine de Conflens, Vaudois dialect signifying the fall of the confluences, is the place of the confluence of the Venoge and Veyron in the village of Ferreyres. We can admire two falls, the Veyron announcing the beginning of the gorge and that of Venoge, the first to inflate the waters of the latter. A steep but maintained path allows you to go down into the gorge to find yourself at the foot of the falls. A little known and undeveloped cave is located next to the fall of the Venoge. It is however easily accessible and shallow.