Champvent castle in Switzerland

Champvent Castle is located outside the village, on the farthest point of a luxuriant hill rising above the small valley between Mathod and Montagny-près-Yverdon. The building ranks among the best preserved medieval fortresses in the Lake Geneva Region. It was built in the 13th century by the powerful lords of Grandson and is a model of the “Savoy Square”, i.e. it consists of a rectangular enclosure flanked by four round towers, like the one in Yverdon-les-Bains itself. One of the towers is a donjon and the dwellings behind the surrounding wall look out on a central courtyard.

Champvent Castle is well worth seeing but cannot be visited as it is a private property. It can be reached after one hour’s walk through the countryside from Essert-sous-Champvent station (train from Yverdon-les-Bains to Sainte-Croix).

Waterfall of the Dard in winter

The waterfall of the Dard is 19 meter hight. This little river has a particuliarity. The water can flow into the Mediterranean and the North Sea. You can go to the waterfall from Romainmoutier or Croy (15mn) or from La Sarraz (1 hour walking).  The name of Dar cames form celtic language. Dar means river that makes waterfall.

In winter after days with temperature below zero degree it is a spendid spectacle that we can see. You can admire iciles at the left and right of this canyon.

A beautiful waterfall hidden in the Swiss countryside near Croy, VD. It’s somewhat difficult to find, though. You have to walk through some thick forest that sometimes resembles a jungle.


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Chalet in Ayer

Ayer is some 2 hours to the East of Geneva beyond Verbier but before Zermatt; a totally unspoilt village in the picturesque valley of the Val d’Anniviers, in the Swiss canton of Valais. Apart from the weather (300 days of sun annually), the skiing, the spectacular landscape, the local culture, the flora and the fauna makes Valais and Ayer, in particular, an exceptional holiday destination .

The roads up the Val d’Anniviers from Sierre and up to the chalets at Ayer are cleared of snow by the ever efficient Swiss and there is parking close to each of the chalets. The road ends at the chalets, so there is almost no traffic.



Zinal (Switzerland) is one of those places you admire. Whether you come for a relaxing family holiday or to conquer its mountains, ski pistes or unspoilt slopes, your verdict will be the same: Zinal is truly invigorating ! An abundance of nature, infinite sporting opportunities, historical sights, children’s activities … and above all, the mountains on your doorstep, for a holiday that has a real feeling of purity.