Why I don’t like christmas period

Christmas is a hard period of the year for me. Why ? We should be joyfull, give gifts, offer gifts and be with people we love.

I just noticed that year after year I didn’t like december

Christmas season is too commercial

Every where we can see chrismas decoration. Shops are full and we MUST buy.  As I don’t like shopping, usualy I procastine my shopping list to january. And in January is sales.  Why buying in december ?

Christmas season is a stressing season

You should go on Christmas super with colleagues, with charity or church. December is a busy day

Christmas emphasis loneliness

When you have no family or when your family is far  away or when you have a family but with bad relationship. You can feel lonely. Christmas is a family celebration. You remember that you are alone.

Christmas is not a biblical idea

In the Bible anniversary was not celebrated. Why celebrate anniversary of the birth of Jesus ? And we don’t know the exact day of the birth of Jesus. Is is really on december ?  No for sure!!! Christmas is not a biblical feast.

December a stressing month

December is a stressing month

Didn’t you remark that december is a month full of activities. When Chrismas is approaching, that remember that we MUST celebrate Chrismas. Society tells us that we must buy gifts and more. We must decorate and make christmas tree. December is a busy month too in many companies. For shops that is THE month of the year. Yes December is a month of consumption

Then this social pressure of Christmas could become stressing


Some people have financial difficulties or have not enough monney. We can call them poor people. They are frustrated because they cannot buy what they want.


If you have ecology fiber, you cannnot buy and consum but you want to protect environment. You just want to buy only what you need and not more.  If you have a device, you don’t need to replace it with the new one if it still works well. We must save energy and life only with the minimum.


If you are lonely or if you have crisis in your family, Christmas could be a hard time because we MUST be with our family and we MUST be happy. This month remind us our lonelyness.


If you are poor, ecologist or lonely, december month is a hard month.

Maybe christians could feel better in this special season. Maybe not because Christmas is not a biblical celebration.  And today Jesus is not at the center of Christmas as it could be.Jesus born is only a story a myth.

So what can we do during this period ? Maybe walking in the snow far away from shopping center and put our stress away.

Even if you don’t like Christmas : Merry Christmas