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La Sarraz Castle

La Sarraz Castle

Built on a rocky spur, the castle of La Sarraz was built in 1049. Unlike most other castles, that of La Sarraz has always been the residence of the barons of La Sarraz and has never changed hands until The death of the last chatelaine in 1948. This peculiarity is its interest and its richness: it has kept the character of a dwelling inhabited and the objects it shelters have been acquired over the years.

The Castle of  La Sarraz has some of the most beautiful collections of furniture and paintings in Switzerland. Reunited by the family of Gingins in the course of their long history, they are the result of a slow and talented accumulation which is in the continuity of this lineage.

The Castle of La Sarraz reopens its doors to the visit after three years of closure, in 2017. You can now visit the castle and it is well worth it.

The first room you can visit is the living room.

Portrait of the owner

The music room

The office

The kitchen

The is a special machine to cut sugar. In the middle age sugar was in big stone.

The library

This room is maybe the most impressive room. It is unique


The Keep

The roof of the tower


Advise if you plan to visit this castle there is a free tour with a guide once a month. Each second sunday of each month at 15:00 you just need your ticket (10Fr)

Official website : Château de la Sarraz




Paris is not the bigest french speaking city in the word

Paris is not the bigest french speaking city in the word

Paris was the bigest french speaking in the world with more than 10 milions people. But Kinshasa has now in 2017 more people with 12.1 milions inhabitant than Paris (11.9 milions)

With an anual demographic groth of 4.2% between 2000 and 2016, the Capital of Congo overtake Paris. Additionaly RDC République Démocratique du Congo is also the biggest french speaking country in the world with 78 milions people.

This shows the demographic and economic power of french Africa that has an area 3 times of European Union with 380 milions inhabitant.

The 3rd french speaking city in the world is Abidgan in Ivory cost with more than 5 milions people.