We was on holiday at Imperia at the mediteranean sea. Moutain and sea meet there. A nice place. Here some photos and some impressions

Imperia harbor
fishing ships and yatch share the harbor
Let’s go and dream…
Imperia city
Italian telephone cabin
It seem that infrastructure are not welle maintained. This jetty was distroyed by the power of the sea
The coastal road was closed due do landslide
Italy the country of pizza
Italian coffee machine. It does not need any filter any capsule or electricity. Very ecological

Been blocked

Are you still alive?

Is it the wrong question after few days of silence in communication ? Maybe it was the wrong question.


  • I never mind you can be enemy
  • What did I bad for you?
  • My friends were right when they say Do not contact with Europeans all they are very bad people

When I receive such response, I realised that something was strange or wrong. After a friendship relationships sudenly it is like my interlocutor could be hurt or maybe received something wronly. Maybe this message was not for me. Sometime we can make a mistake and send a message to the wrong person.

How to react ?

I reply

  • You are not my enemy what a strange idea
  • You did not anything bad for me
  • Why do you have this strange idea ? I am surprised


Does will help this misunderstanding ? Why communication is always so complicated ? I try to be always as honest as possible. But maybe this is a wrong strategy. My problem is that I am too sensible. Too emotive. …


I try to communicate like before like if that message was not for me because not logic not realistic.

  • I do not want to contact with you

What to say ? Maybe the best would be to stop at least for a while but I write something more and maybe too much

  • I notice that something is wrong but I don’t understand what. You don’t want to contact me. That makes me sad.


  • I notice you are sad because I am alive still. Do not contact me anymore. I contact with normal and polite people only
  • I will block you


Logic was not here. Only emotions. Probably I did mistake but how to know it ? Starting a conversation with other word like Hello how are you could be dangerous. Starting with are you alive is maybe not good variation. This is only hypothesis.


Learning from our mistake. But if we know what is our mistake it is ok. But in this case I don’t know.

I would like to have from an external person their though or advice.

Before blocking someone. Try to explain let the other express. Because it give you a huge hurt that is unexpressable.





Driving too fast in France

Few days ago, I visited my father at hospital. Maybe it was the last time I saw him. And at the way back, decided to take the tunnel to cross Vosges mountain instead of the smal road pass.

I didn’t realised that I drove too fast 85 instead of 70. There was no other cars, no Trucks and the road was straight. Sundenly a flash. I was driving a car with a swiss number in France. Maybe I will not receive the fine.

Today I receive it. I have to pay 45€ if I don’t pay immediatly that will be 135€.

Communication between european countries and Switzerland is now automatic.

Visit at hospital

This weekend I was visiting my father. After a long way of driving of few hours I could find the hospital. He explained me what happend. , Suddently he could not stand. So he was at the doctor and the doctor call ambulance. I saw my father who cannot go out his bed with thing that help him to breath with oxygen. It was hard to see him like that. You know I am leaving far away from my family.

Maybe it was the last time I saw him. He was so tired and changed… Memory come back … Emotion with the feeling that I didn’t say what I should. What will you say if you see someone for the last time. It is not easy.

December is a stressing month

Didn’t you remark that december is a month full of activities. When Chrismas is approaching, that remember that we MUST celebrate Chrismas. Society tells us that we must buy gifts and more. We must decorate and make christmas tree. December is a busy month too in many companies. For shops that is THE month of the year. Yes December is a month of consumption

Then this social pressure of Christmas could become stressing


Some people have financial difficulties or have not enough monney. We can call them poor people. They are frustrated because they cannot buy what they want.


If you have ecology fiber, you cannnot buy and consum but you want to protect environment. You just want to buy only what you need and not more.  If you have a device, you don’t need to replace it with the new one if it still works well. We must save energy and life only with the minimum.


If you are lonely or if you have crisis in your family, Christmas could be a hard time because we MUST be with our family and we MUST be happy. This month remind us our lonelyness.


If you are poor, ecologist or lonely, december month is a hard month.

Maybe christians could feel better in this special season. Maybe not because Christmas is not a biblical celebration.  And today Jesus is not at the center of Christmas as it could be.Jesus born is only a story a myth.

So what can we do during this period ? Maybe walking in the snow far away from shopping center and put our stress away.

Even if you don’t like Christmas : Merry Christmas


Holiday is a time to forget the time. The goal is rest and doing nothing. Having a change of the daily routine. I have been to Liguria in North Italy when mountain drops directly into the sea.

During this period we even can be bored. One day has no 24 hours but a variable duration sometimes more and sometimes less. I like discovering a new region and something new. And the language is also a change when we don’t understand the local language.

The choosen region this year was Liguria in Italy. It is simple the continuation of the french mediteranean cost. Alps drops verticaly in the sea and this combination mountain and sea give such beauty.

Here are some photos.

Crossing Alps with Saint Bernard pass.

Alps drops into the sea.

Visiting piza and its famous tower. It was raining this day

And we didn’t forget Florenze and its famous bridge



On day we walk arount Riva Trigoso and saw that the fire was burnt all not long ago






Chopper is an abandonned dog. He was beaten when he was a baby. We adopted him at the age of 5 month and now he is 7 month old. He is a little boy a silly little boy. He makes poop on the carpet and pee on a mattress. Otherwise he is adorable. He eats walls and doors and last night he was eating his  leash and he could set him free. Usualy he sleeps in the Room of her owner but for one time he should be linkt with his leash. Thas was An eventful night. I forget he ate my headphone and eat shooes. We must take care.