Simplified Naturalisation of Third-Generation Immigrants

On 12 February 2017, the Swiss electorate will vote on the Federal Decree on the Simplified Naturalisation of Third-Generation Immigrants.

There is a significant number of young foreigners living in Switzerland whose grandparents emigrated to Switzerland and whose parents grew up here. These young people were born in Switzerland and went to school here. Switzerland is their homeland but they don’t have the swiss nationality. Around 440,000 foreigners living in Switzerland are second or third-generation immigrants. They constitute 6% of the population and 25% of all registered foreigners.

Unlike in many other countries, people born in Switzerland are not automatically granted citizenship if their parents are not Swiss, but can apply to be naturalized under certain conditions.

The applicant must also prove that at least one of their grandparents was either born in Switzerland or had permanent residency.

The process will only be open to those aged up to 25 years old, but people between 26 and 35 will have 5 years from the time the law comes into force to file a request.

Swiss have to vote few times per year for important issues and theire choise is sovereign, government has to apply people decision.

Chalet in Ayer

Ayer is some 2 hours to the East of Geneva beyond Verbier but before Zermatt; a totally unspoilt village in the picturesque valley of the Val d’Anniviers, in the Swiss canton of Valais. Apart from the weather (300 days of sun annually), the skiing, the spectacular landscape, the local culture, the flora and the fauna makes Valais and Ayer, in particular, an exceptional holiday destination .

The roads up the Val d’Anniviers from Sierre and up to the chalets at Ayer are cleared of snow by the ever efficient Swiss and there is parking close to each of the chalets. The road ends at the chalets, so there is almost no traffic.



Zinal (Switzerland) is one of those places you admire. Whether you come for a relaxing family holiday or to conquer its mountains, ski pistes or unspoilt slopes, your verdict will be the same: Zinal is truly invigorating ! An abundance of nature, infinite sporting opportunities, historical sights, children’s activities … and above all, the mountains on your doorstep, for a holiday that has a real feeling of purity.

Kari Jobe – Heal Our Land

You take our lives
Flawed, yet beautiful
Restore, refine
Lord, You’re merciful

Redeem, revive

Spirit of God
Breathe on Your church
Pour out Your presence
Speak through Your word
We pray in every nation, Christ be known
Our hope and salvation, Christ alone

New power, new wine
As divisions fall
One church, one bride
Jesus, Lord of all

With one voice we cry

So, God we pray to You
Humble ourselves again
Lord, would You hear our cry
Lord, will You heal our land
That every eye will see
That every heart will know
The One who took our sin
The One who died and rose

And when Your kingdom comes
And when at last You call
We’ll rise to worship You alone

2016 – 2017

Goal of this blog

Creating a new blog is good but for what goal ? Here I will write the goal.  Maybe in the future, I would change the way or the goal.


  • Write in english. As english is not natural for me, express in english is a challenge. The best way to improve my writing english is to practice it. That is write for me
  • Publish to the world. If someone can read or see that would be wonderfull. In that that is the goal. As english is the most used language on internet, we can reach the most number of people in theory.
  • Promoting things that is valuable. What kind of things. What has the most value ?


  • Photos : A picture speak more than 1000 words. I like to speak with photo.
  • Music : I will share music I like. Music of today but also music of yeaterday. I will make an index per year. You will be able to discover few music of each year. I also like music in different languages. French, african or russian music.
  • Countries : Switzerland, France and other countries. I will make you discover few countries from a different angle.
  • Economy : I studies economics so I am always interested in economics problems. Debts, unemployment or poverty will be subjects of posts. Economy and politics are always very closes. So I could talk about politics too.
  • IT : Linux, internets, programing language or libre philosophy will be on the table too.


  • How regular will be that blog. At least one post per week.
  • I will write a little bit about my life with the tag #lmylife
  • I will write things about Hubzilla, Diaspora and other decentralized opensource project.
  • I will share and publish photos
  • I will share music

It will not be easy. It is a long way. It needs effort. But this is the direction to go.


For this, I need your encouragment, your comments. I count on you.


Chopper is an abandonned dog. He was beaten when he was a baby. We adopted him at the age of 5 month and now he is 7 month old. He is a little boy a silly little boy. He makes poop on the carpet and pee on a mattress. Otherwise he is adorable. He eats walls and doors and last night he was eating his  leash and he could set him free. Usualy he sleeps in the Room of her owner but for one time he should be linkt with his leash. Thas was An eventful night. I forget he ate my headphone and eat shooes. We must take care.

C3Lausanne discovering

This 1st of January, it is sunday and there is no service at our church. This is the good oportunity to visit a church I have never been before. C3Church at Lausanne this is  c3lausanne Palais Beaulieu.  5PM there is a special new year service. We arrive on late on a dark room.


In this full of people room with 600 seats, it is like a show. C3 I already lookt at the website  to see what kind of church it was. The site is morden and give impression of a well organised organisation. The word that I used ot give ‘worship church’ does not match because there is not a lot of worship songs. The pastor talk a lot in french and a someone translate in english.  This is maybe a church for expat who does not understand french very well.

I have the impression that english is not only for the translation but the whole concept of the church has english influence.

The pastor is very dynamic. Youth people give testimony from what the lives in the camps ‘Power camp’. They look very motivated and enthousiat.

The sermon is about psalm 90. All is very biblical about time that pass very quickly.

Teach us to number our days,     that we may gain a heart of wisdom.

establish the work of our hands.

This is the wish that he is doing for the assembly. The service ends with prayers for those who wants.

That is C3 a church where the most important tool is not a Bible but the torch of your smartphone.. C3 is a church for english speaking people. C3 seems to be very dynamic and attracts people.

That was my first impressions.