updated July 2019


  • Photos : it is kind of photo album
  • Music : all music of today and yesterday
  • My life
  • Reflexions about news
  • Digital

What Is My New Blog Aimed To ? Improving my knowledge of English. English is not my native language. Would you please help ?

How to contact me ?

I didn’t put a contact page yet with a form but I give you few way to contact me

  • Comments Comments are open during a period of time that is not defined yet. Few month.  If the topic is in relation with a post that is the best way to contact me.
  • Mastodon You can contact me with any ActivityPub or Mastodon account kris@theres.life or https://theres.life/@kris
  • Hubzilla : As I don’t use facebook or almost not, if you want to contact me with more security and more privaty, you can contact me to my hubzilla account that is  kris@hub.libranet.de clone account :kris@garoa.club  . This account is compatible with all federated network : Friendica, Mastodon, Pleroma, diaspora and others.
  • Pixelfed :  maybe in the future.
  • xmpp : kris@jappix.com
  • Matrix I created a matrix account @kr1c:matrix.org It is a whatsapp like application  I am not using it anymore.
  • Finaly I added an ActivityPub plugin at this blog then you can follow me adding the account kris@kris.talkplus.org

This Blog is the second version of my english blog. The first version was started in 2012. In 2017 I start a new one with a new URL kris.talkplus.org. In Mai 2018 the host has been changed because it was too slow.