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Metric time or decimal time

Metric time or decimal time

Metric Time

With metric time the day is broken into 10 hours.

A metric hour is broken into 100 minutes.

A metric minute is broken into 100 seconds.

What makes metric time so cool is that would make all the mental math we have to do when adding and subtracting time so much easier—especially when it comes to different timezones. Working with base-10 numbers is so much easier than trying to think in base-60, base-12, and base-24.

In fact metric time could be decimal time

There is no AM or PM with metric time. Just 10 hours in the day. To get a good night sleep (8 standard hours) you’d sleep for 3.33 metric hours. If you go to bed at 9:50 metric time (about 10:45pm in standard time), wanting to get a good night sleep, you’d wake up at 2:75 metric time (roughly 6:45am standard time). Remember, a half hour in metric time is 50 minutes, and a full hour is 100 minutes. One metric minute before « midnight » (10:00 on the metric clock) would be 9:99 in metric time.

Time is Money

The logic you use to tell time with metric time is very similar to how you think about money (assuming US Dollars). One metric hour is like a 100-dollar bill. One metric minute is a 1 dollar bill. And each metric second is a penny. Each day (10 metric hours), has 1,000 minutes, and 100,000 seconds. It’s an interesting way to think about the time we get to spend each day.

Loren Cunningham Youth With a Mission founder is dead

Loren Cunningham Youth With a Mission founder is dead

Founder of Youth with a Mission (YWAM), Loren Cunningham, died in his sleep at his home in Kona, Hawaii, on Friday (2023 October 6)

Cunningham was the first known Christian missionary to reach every nation and country. He was well known for deregulating ministry by creating a platform through which young people could serve others globally within a short-term time period.

In addition to his global ministerial efforts, founding of YWAM, and University of the Nations, Cunningham was also a well-published author. His books included Is That Really You, God?, Making Jesus Lord, The Book that Transforms Nations—the Power of the Bible to Change Any Country, Why Not Women?, Winning God’s Way, and others. He also carried out a mission to end Bible poverty by translating the Bible into every language and making God’s Word accessible to all.

In 1956, again during prayer, he had a vision, what he called a “mental movie”: “Suddenly, I was looking at a map of the world, only the map was alive and moving! I could see all the continents, and waves were crashing onto their shores.

He obeyed simply because he believed it was the Lord and he persevered and went to the ends of the world.

Loren is often called the « de-regulator of missions » because he broke the 1960s missionary paradigm by creating opportunities for Youth to serve short-term, interdenominationally, globally and unsalaried. This
foresight opened the floodgates so that millions could come FROM everywhere and go TO everywhere as missionaries around the globe to proclaim the truth of God and display His love.

The ministry he founded, Youth With A Mission, an ever-expanding global missions movement born in 1960, has reached into every nation on earth through evangelism, training and mercy ministries ( Tens of thousands of full-time staff participate from 200+ countries and various denominations and Christian traditions, serving at over 2,000 YWAM locations in nearly 200
nations. Millions have served in YWAM programs as students, short-term volunteers and fulltime staff.

Many have credited YWAM as being among the world’s largest mission movements. But when presented with this claim, Loren always deflected the glory to Jesus, saying, « Well, however large it is, it’s not large enough because Jesus’ last commandment to reach the whole world with the Gospel has not been completed. » He was well-known for his call to build bridges of
unity within the body of Christ, always quick to recognize the scores of other missions and churches serving together in partnership


source YWAM

Nomadic identity

Nomadic identity

Hubzilla introduced the nomatic identity. That means that your identity is not linked with the address of the server. You can move from server to server or have clone. You can use a server or an other one easily.

Streams has the nomadic identity but I tryed to import my hubzilla channel and it does not work. It is like Streams and Hubzilla is not compatible concerning nomadic identity. Of course hubzilla account can talk with streams account.