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No I was NEVER waiting for your death. I was NEVER wishing bad things to you I am not disappointed your are alive. I am not wishing bad things for you. I was never your enemy. I am not and I will not be.

This is a misunderstanding

Please stop thinking wrong things. That is totaly wrong!!!

I am wishing good things for your life. Sincerely  I hope peace and happiness for you. I really pray for blessing for you in your life. I was never thinking otherwise.  I am happy when you are well. But sad that you was hurt by my fault. This message is very important to say.

I am so sorry that it hurt you. I renew my request : Please forgive me. Peace will come back

If it is my last message. I want to say that I really want the best for you. I NEVER wish bad things for you. I will continue to pray for you.

Now you don’t want to contact me. I will respect that. I will not contact you anymore except if you do it.


Когда я говорю: вы все еще живы?

Это значит, как ты? Это всего лишь вариант приветствия. Мне очень жаль, что такое приветствие болит, я сожалею об этом. Я никогда не желаю смерти никого с этим вопросом. Это наоборот. Я хочу, чтобы все было хорошо





Been blocked

Been blocked

Are you still alive?

Is it the wrong question after few days of silence in communication ? Maybe it was the wrong question.


  • I never mind you can be enemy
  • What did I bad for you?
  • My friends were right when they say Do not contact with Europeans all they are very bad people

When I receive such response, I realised that something was strange or wrong. After a friendship relationships sudenly it is like my interlocutor could be hurt or maybe received something wronly. Maybe this message was not for me. Sometime we can make a mistake and send a message to the wrong person.

How to react ?

I reply

  • You are not my enemy what a strange idea
  • You did not anything bad for me
  • Why do you have this strange idea ? I am surprised


Does will help this misunderstanding ? Why communication is always so complicated ? I try to be always as honest as possible. But maybe this is a wrong strategy. My problem is that I am too sensible. Too emotive. …


I try to communicate like before like if that message was not for me because not logic not realistic.

  • I do not want to contact with you

What to say ? Maybe the best would be to stop at least for a while but I write something more and maybe too much

  • I notice that something is wrong but I don’t understand what. You don’t want to contact me. That makes me sad.


  • I notice you are sad because I am alive still. Do not contact me anymore. I contact with normal and polite people only
  • I will block you


Logic was not here. Only emotions. Probably I did mistake but how to know it ? Starting a conversation with other word like Hello how are you could be dangerous. Starting with are you alive is maybe not good variation. This is only hypothesis.


Learning from our mistake. But if we know what is our mistake it is ok. But in this case I don’t know.

I would like to have from an external person their though or advice.

Before blocking someone. Try to explain let the other express. Because it give you a huge hurt that is unexpressable.







Located where the Swiss, French and German borders meet, Basel also has suburbs France and Germany. The Basel agglomeration was the third largest in Switzerland with a population of 537 000

The city is known for its many internationally renowned museums, ranging from the Art Museam Kunstmuseaum. Basel has often been the site of peace negotiations and other international meetings. The name of Basel is derived from the Roman-era toponym Basilia. The Old French form Basle was adopted into English, and developed into the modern French Bâle. The language spoken in Basel is german first or specificaly swiss german. The second language is Italian and franch.


Bicylce parking near the train station. Basel is bicycle friendly.


Headquater of Panalpina

As german is the main language we can read sometimes multilinguage information. This one is interesting with the font. The german choose the german gothic. The french font is quite interesting and uncommom. Itilian writing is more standard.


Basler Rathaus






Nothing to hide

Nothing to hide

The film tackles the question of mass surveillance and its degree of acceptance by the population summarized by the argument « I have nothing to hide ». The red thread of the documentary is a voluntary spy experiment conducted on Mister X, a young actor living in Berlin. With his agreement, the metadata of his computer and his smartphone are harvested for a month using spyware, then analyzed by researchers. This is to illustrate the fact that it is then possible to extract a lot of personal information from online services, social networks and mobile applications (Google, Facebook, WhatsApp etc.). This experience is interspersed with interventions by whistleblowers, hackers or victims of surveillance.

Barbara Jacques Prévert in english

Barbara Jacques Prévert in english

As you can follow the news, you can hear in the worl war, bombs and you sometimes don’t understand why. It remind me a poem from Jacques Prevert and a famous vers very simple ‘Quelle connerie la guerre’  ( translated by : what a bullshit is the war). Here is the text of this poem translated in english.

Remember Barbara
It was raining ceaselessly on Brest that day
And you were walking smiling
Beaming delighted dripping
Under the rain
Remember Barbara
It was raining ceaselessly on Brest
And I passed you in the rue de Siam
You were smiling
And me I was smiling the same smile
Remember Barbara
You who I didn’t know
You who didn’t know me
Remember that day anyway
Don’t forget
A man was taking shelter under an overhang
And he yelled your name
And you ran to him under the rain
Dripping delighted beaming
And you threw yourself in his arms
Remember that Barbara
And don’t be mad if I speak to you familiarly
I speak familiarly to everyone I love
Even if I’ve only seen them once
I speak familiarly to everyone in love
Even if I don’t know them
Remember Barbara
Don’t forget
This sweet and happy rain
On your happy face
On this happy city
This rain on the sea
On the naval arsenal
On the battleship
Oh Barbara
War is such stupidity
What’s become of you now
Under this rain of iron
Of fire of steel of blood
And the one who took you in his arms
Is he dead disappeared or yet still living
Oh Barbara
It’s raining ceaselessly on Brest
Like it rained before
But it’s no longer the same and everything’s ruined
It’s a rain of mourning terrible and desolate
There is no longer a storm
Of iron of steel of blood
There are only some clouds
Who die like dogs
Dogs who disappear
In the wind over Brest
And go to rot far away
Far away very far from Brest
Of which nothing remains.



Mulhouse is situated at the corner near Germany and Switzerland. You can read Germany by car in 30 mn and Switzerland (Basel) for the same period of time. This city count 112 000 inhabitants and the metropolitan area if you add suburb you have 280 000 people.

Mulhouse is famous for its museums particularly the automobile museum (Musée national de l’automobile) and the train museum (Musée du chemin de fer). The largest automobile and railway museum in the world.

Mulhouse is also an industrial city from the 19s century. Today you have automobile industry Peugeot who is still in activity.

The city center is interesting with colorfull houses.

This is the city house (hotel de ville) it is written that Mulhouse was attached to France in 1798. Before that date it was part of Switzerland. You still can see flag of swiss canton as decoration

Place Saint Etienne in the city Center





Situated at the east of Geneva lake, Vevey should be visited. You have all. A beautiful lake, huge mountain and so many things to discover. Vevey and Montreux is really near each other.


Vevey is the place of headquater of Nestlé. the largest food company in the world and the largest company in Switzerland.

The symbol of Vevey is that big fork. On this place you have Alimentarium the food museum

Montreux is a city where Nicolas Gogol a famous russian and ukrainian writer, From 1836 to 1848 Gogol lived abroad, travelling through Germany and Switzerland (here in Vevey).

Vevey was the home of Charlie Chaplin where he choose to reside as refugee. In this town you can visite Charlie Chaplin museum.

Vevey is an international city. You can hear many languages in the streets and in Café. English, Portuguese, German, French of cource, Italian, Russian etc…


Can Social Media Be Saved?

Can Social Media Be Saved?

The New York Times write an interesting article about social media. Can Social Media Be Saved?

We all know that social media and particularly big one, GAFAM one was bad but every people use it. If you don’t have a facebook account you cannot be connected with your friends and family. If you don’t have watsapp you are missing something. Watsapp belong to facebook.

First we realised that what we see is choosen from facebook or twitter. We never or very rarely receive news from some people. Facebook choose what is interesting for us and that is REALLY REALLY frustrating.  This the main reason why I rarely go to facebook I have one account and even few. But I can tell you that I don’t use them. I don’t put personnal information.

The primary problem with today’s social networks is that they’re already too big, and are trapped inside a market-based system that forces them to keep growing. Facebook can’t stop monetizing our personal data for the same reason that Starbucks can’t stop selling coffee — it’s the heart of the enterprise.

Kevin Roose want to share us 3 topics

  • Give Power to the People
  • Create a Social Federation

  • Put Expiration Dates on Social Graphs


This 3 idias are good. The federation still exists and is coming with few networks that communicated together. You have Mastodon the most famous one but you also have Friendica, Hubzilla and Diaspora. But the best idea is the expiration dates. It is not easy to delete all our content older than one year for example or delete simply all. Who propose that option ?

Personaly I have a gnusocial (twitter like) account and Hubzilla. You can follow me if you wish.

Do you have facebook account ? What do you do with it ? Do you experiment federated social media ? What do you think of this 3 ideas ?

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