Been blocked

Been blocked

Are you still alive?

Is it the wrong question after few days of silence in communication ? Maybe it was the wrong question.


  • I never mind you can be enemy
  • What did I bad for you?
  • My friends were right when they say Do not contact with Europeans all they are very bad people

When I receive such response, I realised that something was strange or wrong. After a friendship relationships sudenly it is like my interlocutor could be hurt or maybe received something wronly. Maybe this message was not for me. Sometime we can make a mistake and send a message to the wrong person.

How to react ?

I reply

  • You are not my enemy what a strange idea
  • You did not anything bad for me
  • Why do you have this strange idea ? I am surprised


Does will help this misunderstanding ? Why communication is always so complicated ? I try to be always as honest as possible. But maybe this is a wrong strategy. My problem is that I am too sensible. Too emotive. …


I try to communicate like before like if that message was not for me because not logic not realistic.

  • I do not want to contact with you

What to say ? Maybe the best would be to stop at least for a while but I write something more and maybe too much

  • I notice that something is wrong but I don’t understand what. You don’t want to contact me. That makes me sad.


  • I notice you are sad because I am alive still. Do not contact me anymore. I contact with normal and polite people only
  • I will block you


Logic was not here. Only emotions. Probably I did mistake but how to know it ? Starting a conversation with other word like Hello how are you could be dangerous. Starting with are you alive is maybe not good variation. This is only hypothesis.


Learning from our mistake. But if we know what is our mistake it is ok. But in this case I don’t know.

I would like to have from an external person their though or advice.

Before blocking someone. Try to explain let the other express. Because it give you a huge hurt that is unexpressable.





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