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Colmar is a medieval city in the central Alsace at the east of France near Germany. It is a very touristic city. You can walk in the city center who has large zone of pedestrian street only. Traditionaly alsacian houses were white but recently they start to color them in green, dark red and flashy color.

Timber-framed houses, generally characterized by flat clay tiles and half-timbered building fronts, are found in both the cities and the countryside. Elegant bourgeois homes, their façades divided by ornamental banding, have many bay windows. Alsace, a region long accustomed to working with stone and wrought iron, also features fine examples of Romanesque, Gothic and Vaubanesque architecture. Villages typically feature a central square with a water fountain or a defensive wall and gate.

Do you know that the Statue of Liberty was offered by Bartoldy who was from Colmar to the United States ? You can see a little copy of this statue in rememberance of this gift.





Is the cold war back

Is the cold war back

The cold war was the  nuclear war that never happend between USA and Soviet Union. It ends in 1990 with the end of Soviet Union.  But today it seems to come back.

A friend send me a link and ask for my opinion.

How the US Establishment Lies Through Its Teeth, for War Against Russia

I started to read that article. It looks like kind of russian propagande. A quick whois at the owner of the domain name show me that it belong to someone in Russia.

This article was kind of fearing. For example on the second paragraph we can read “Hillary Clinton clearly hated Russians and wanted to start a war against Russia ”

My first reaction reading this long text is that I should check if it is real or exagerated or not but I am not really journalist. Why sundently we are talking about war. When I was a child the world was divided in 2 zones. West and East (UDRSS) and the enemy was soviet. When I was in army our instructor always explain as example the enemy was soviet. Then few yeat later the wall of Berlin fall down and the world changed. No fear to receive a bomb from the east. (btw I never believe that it could happend) It was possible to go to east Germany, Slovakia etc…
I thought that the cold war was behind and reading your text apparently it is coming back. I think that Russians see americans as a danger but I never see as a real danger. I don’t believe.

It is interesting to see the perspective on the russian media and the western media talk about. On the russian media they fear that NATO attack russia.  On the western media, they fear that Russia attack ex sovietic countries like baltic counties or even Ukraine.

On the russian mediy the news communicate a real fear of war. On the western media that fear is not as height.

300 christian russian radios

300 christian russian radios est un annuaire de radios chrétiennes russes.

No need to understand russian, you just clic to a radio and you listen you can change when you want. We can easily see that there is a huge dynamism of creation concerning russian christian music.

Family Force 5 – This Is My Year

Family Force 5 – This Is My Year

This music is antidepressing. This is my year. If you have projects, you don’t need to wait more, GO ! This is your year.

Ain’t gonna be broken-hearted
Gonna leave my fear behind

I must translate english to english because I don’t understand the first version probably slang version of english.

My heart will not be brocken
I am going to leave my fear behind

And I’m not gonna waste my time –> I don’t understand the english gonna but that should be going
I am not going to waste my time.

Time it’s time to get things started : As I am a good procrastinater, this word speaks to me. Don’t push at tomorrow what you can make now.

Дочь Фермера и Катя Гавриелова – Закружило снегом

Дочь Фермера и Катя Гавриелова – Закружило снегом

Daughter Farmer and Katya Gavrilova – Spun around with snow

Мы никогда не знаем, что произойдет с нами в следующую секунду. Завтрашний день нам не принадлежит.
Но мы в любую минуту можем обратиться в молитве к нашему Отцу Небесному, Который всегда слышит и ждет нас. Молитва имеет огромную силу.
Мы можем быть уверены в Его любви к нам, несмотря на любые обстоятельства.

We never know what will happen to us in the next second. Tomorrow does not belong to us.
But we can at any moment turn to our Heavenly Father in prayer, who always hears and waits for us. Prayer has tremendous power.
We can be sure of His love for us, in spite of any circumstances.



This year we have not had lot of snow. This only now end of february and begining of march that we have few days of cold and snow. Today a lot of snow has fallen. When I came home after the working day, I stoped and took that photo. The sun decided to shine. Snow with sun has something brilliant.



The next photo is the first Alps from Fribourg Canton.

Near Lausanne road condition was terrible