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Why I don’t like christmas period

Why I don’t like christmas period

Christmas is a hard period of the year for me. Why ? We should be joyfull, give gifts, offer gifts and be with people we love.

I just noticed that year after year I didn’t like december

Christmas season is too commercial

Every where we can see chrismas decoration. Shops are full and we MUST buy.  As I don’t like shopping, usualy I procastine my shopping list to january. And in January is sales.  Why buying in december ?

Christmas season is a stressing season

You should go on Christmas super with colleagues, with charity or church. December is a busy day

Christmas emphasis loneliness

When you have no family or when your family is far  away or when you have a family but with bad relationship. You can feel lonely. Christmas is a family celebration. You remember that you are alone.

Christmas is not a biblical idea

In the Bible anniversary was not celebrated. Why celebrate anniversary of the birth of Jesus ? And we don’t know the exact day of the birth of Jesus. Is is really on december ?  No for sure!!! Christmas is not a biblical feast.

December a stressing month