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New step for this blog

New step for this blog

Making a break in the walk

Writing a blog is like writing a journey. It is like a travel. You discover new cities, new regions or new scenaries. You can stop and look where you was, the path you walk and look where you have to go.

When you stop you can be encouraged or discouraged. You can see : wow I was there and I walk this path. You can look where you want to go.

Now let’s look behind. This blog is the second version. It has been started in 2017· Read the first post

Read the goal of this blog in 2017

Changing the host will help me to write more often. Now I can open back office without waiting long seconds and sometimes having error page.  This is a new step.

Now I will write again the goal of this blog in 2018. It is globaly the same with tiny change.

Goals in 2018

  • Write in english. Yes this is still the main target. This has not changed. I know that I write with mistake but I will try to write more and more with less and less mistake.
  • Publish to the world. I think about that goal. Because Is it still the case ? Internet is changing. Today blog is not fashionable anymore. People are behind wall with their applications on their smartphone. The dream to publish something and 1000 people read it will maybe never targeted. I should reconsider this goal. I would say I keep it but its importance is lower.
  • Promoting things that is valuable. Yes !!! that is still ok. I can dream. I will change the world. Maybe not. Probably not. Certainly not. But maybe I could touch someone. I could make someone thinking. What is valuable. Real value is inside and invisible. Joy, peace, harmony. Given something, teaching something, learning something.


  • Photos. I will put more photos. Thank you for your goods words about the photos I publish. All photos are taken by myself or maybe 99%. I just want to share emotions via just a photos. I am just lucky to live in a photogenic part of the world (Switzerland) and it is really easy to take a camera and … clic. Today with smartphone with have always a camera in our pocket.
  • Switzerland I like to share information about Switzerland. Not only positive information but also critical one. It is not objective but subjective. I am not a tourist information, I am not making marketing for Switzerland. And I don’t receive anything for writing nice information for promoting something. I am free to write how I feel. This blog is not popular enough to have paid article. I am writing it for free.
  • Music Yes I will continue to share music I like but maybe a little less I would like. Music is so important in my life. I am still an eternal teenager. Music touch my soul.
  • Thinkings  Hard to create a category thinking. Thinking will be in all categories. This is the goal of this blog. Writing thought. Writing reflexion. I hope that will lead to inspiration. Sometimes, I am missing inspiration to write. I need inspiration to gives you inspiration.
  • Technical things tutorial, technical article, computing will be still here. Why just because I want to share what I found. Because digital life is part of my live and my work. I don’t know if you notice it but the world is changing. Digital is all our life today. I will share you free and open source software and phylosophy. But I am a moderate librist. I will talk about tools I use. I will write about ActivityPub (New social network who is now federated), Zot and Hubzilla with nomadic identity and few other tools and tutorial
  • My life Why not sharing more of my life. You can choose to share personal photos on facebook or instagram.  You think it is private but actually it is not really. Publishing publicly is clear. All the world can read hear and see. Talking about my life helps me to see reality clear. Sometimes things are complicated.


Conclusion. Normaly we should have one target and one audience. You have photo blog, political blog or technical blog. This one is a kind of mixture. I know this is not good but I am like this. Maybe in the future I will make one blog for photography, one other for IT and one other for changing the world. But now in 2018 it is like that. I hope that something will be usefull for someome. If I make mistake tell me. Please comment and share.