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American pushed the creation of European Union

American pushed the creation of European Union

Europe Union is not finished yet. This organisation is not in good health. Who decide ? It is complicated to know. European Commission have lot of power. Government are not free anymore. Now with Euro freedom is just a theoretical concept but not reality. Look at Greeceland. They are slave. They are poor.

In 2016 United Kindom decided to leave European Union. They are going to negociate how they will leave.

Now in France is presidential election. Strange campagne. People dont trust politician anymore. They don’t want the same people who lead us. François Asselineau is a potential candidat. Televisions, Radios and news paper ingnore him. They even forget the name. But as he is now officialy accepted in as candidate they can’t avoid him.

François Asselineau wants that France leave European Union, Euro and NATO in order to restore its freedom and democraty. This is Frexit.

According to François Asselineau Jean Momet and Robert Schuman was CIA Agents. The idea of Europe Union was an american idea against Sovietic Union.

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AMBROSE EVANS-PRITCHARD (Telegraph) wrote an article The European Union always was a CIA project, as Brexiteers discover