Kendji Girac a french gypsy singer

Kendji Girac a french gypsy singer

As introduction, I could say that I was talking on the Fediverse (my account is about Gypsies.

Gypsies are nomadic people living in caravans. They move from place to place. Few have houses. This people is rejected because they are different of oxidental culture. Some say they don’t work, they don’t go to school, they steal etc… Sometimes this fact is exagerated sometimes it is true.

Then I discover Kendji Girac.

Is this man a christian as I saw him singing few christian songs on youtube.

Sure he grew up in a christian family. In France many Gypsies are christian. Personaly the first real christian I knew was Gypsie whis Mission Vie et Lumière. First time in my life I saw people talking about the Bible about Miracle and Jesus.

Looking for more information about his faith I notice that he is only a nominal christian. According to Libération he believe but is not baptized because he think that baptized people are not allowed to go to paries. I think he misunderstand christian life. Nevertheless he respect faith as he grew up in christian family and sometimes he sings christian songs.

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