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African Broadcasters: Radio Still Reigns Supreme Across Continent

African Broadcasters: Radio Still Reigns Supreme Across Continent

No more than 600 million of the continent’s more than 1.3 billion people have access to the internet, African broadcasters said, and even when they do, connectivity is either slow or too expensive for a majority of the continent’s poor, hungry civilians.

Radio, however, remains a reliable and cheap medium for getting vital information.

The ATU said that the number of people who trust and rely on radio information is increasing as population increases. It gave no further details, but added the increase means there is pressure on the available radio frequencies, and especially on FM radio broadcasting.

World Radiocommunication Conferences are held every three to four years. Participants review and revise radio regulations determined by international treaty governing the use of the radio frequency spectrum and the geostationary satellite and non-geostationary satellite orbits. Revisions are made on the basis of an agenda determined by the International Telecommunication Union Counci

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Moving wordpress to a new server

Moving wordpress to a new server

This blog is run by wordpress. It has been install on a ubuntu vps but it needed to be updated. Decision to move it to a yunohost server

  • Creation of a new subdomaine ( that will be the old blog
  • Creation of virtual host
  • sudo a2ensite domaine
  • sudo service apache2 reload

On the new server

  • change the dns A with the IP of the new server
  • wait a little
  • creation on yunhohost of
  • Activation letsencrypt
  • Install the app wordpress for this sub domain

On the old server

  • export Tools > export xml saved somewhere
  • change the setting to

On the new server

  • import : tools import
  • install theme NIRSARG was the theme

Untill now all seems ok. It miss lot of things but it will be install after. Plugins like activitypub or other usefull. I still keep the old server to know what I need for a while then the old server will be down

I had the old editor. I never get used to the new editor. Maybe I should learn more. For example adding a picture is not as easy. I didn’t find how to do it. As least if I had html version but no I should search search search simply to add a picture. How to make things easier and in fact it is more complicated