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Switzerland The canton of Geneva refuses to allow baptisms on the lake

Switzerland The canton of Geneva refuses to allow baptisms on the lake

Switzerland Geneva Capital of so many international organisation like UNO UHCR red cross etc…  City of reformation and freedom of religion. Today the autority do not allow  baptism in the lake.

Two evangelical churches in the canton of Geneva have had their requests for authorization to celebrate baptisms on public beaches on Lake Geneva refused by the authorities. They have filed an appeal with the Administrative Chamber of the Geneva Court of Justice, the Swiss Evangelical Network (RES-SEA) said in a statement on July 8. The organization, and its cantonal section of the Geneva Evangelical Network, “express their solidarity with the two churches. [They are dismayed that Geneva, the capital of human rights, would adopt such a restrictive and exclusive approach to religious freedom.
The freedom to manifest one’s beliefs in common and in public

The issue of religious gatherings in public spaces has not been completely resolved in the canton. Here, the state is invoking the February 2019 Law on the Secularity of the State (LLE), which allows such events, but only exceptionally. However, the canton had said that the traditional baptisms at the lake would remain authorized, reports RES-SEA. In January of this year, the Federal Court ruled that the LLE in Geneva was “contrary to religious freedom”. In May, the authority confirmed this position in a ruling.

“Such a practice (this regulation) is […] contrary to international standards of religious freedom: indeed, the exercise of religious freedom, including the freedom to manifest one’s beliefs in common and in public, is a fundamental right”, says the evangelical umbrella organization. A joint report by RES-SEA and the German on religious freedom, including access to the public domain in the canton of Geneva, was sent on July 8 to the United Nations Human Rights Council. It should be examined during the Universal Periodic Review of Switzerland in 2023. The European and World Evangelical Alliances support this approach.




Encrypted Messaging Apps Compared

Encrypted Messaging Apps Compared

We have so many chat tools today. Maybe too many and they are not opent to each other. This video compare the most of them in angle of privacy and technical aspect. This video does not talk from the perspective of use. How easy it is to register and or to use and or how popular it is. But I recommend to see because we it is easy to understand and we can learn many things. If you use the best tool but your contact doesn’t have it it is  useless.

I even know Wickr and session chat messager.


Castel of La Sarraz

Castel of La Sarraz

Built on a rocky spur, the Castle of La Sarraz was built in 1049. Unlike most other castles, it has always been the residence of the barons of La Sarraz and never changed hands until the death of the last chatelaine in 1948. This particularity makes its interest and its richness: it has kept the character of an inhabited residence and the objects which it shelters were acquired during the years.

If you want to see inside



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war in Ukraine one month later

war in Ukraine one month later

Amelia Anisovych 7 year old ukrainian girl singing in a bomb shelter and in a charity concert. She touch hearts at tears. 3 millions of Ukrainians mostly women and childrens are refugees March 2022

It’s now almost a month since Russia invaded Ukraine and the news is coming in and the propaganda is coming out. This prevents us from making a balanced opinion.

In every war there is a reason. The reason must be legitimate. For example in the 2nd world war it was to liberate and drive out the Nazis. A villain is presented and this justifies a military intervention.

For Ukraine it is a bit like that. Russia justifies its special operation by liberating Ukraine from Nazis. (Only that). The Russian power continues to justify the attack of Ukraine by the presence of Nazi groups. The other argument is to protect the Russian inhabitants of Dombas who were ‘attacked by Ukrainians’. What is strange is that the other justification is not often heard. That of blocking the advance of NATO.

On the other side (USA and Europe) this war is presented as a will to integrate Ukraine to Russia. It is true that Ukrainian and Russian people are linked and that this thought could have been done. But is a war the right way to bring back the hearts?

So, on the one hand, there is a people who want to be independent and sovereign and who choose to turn to the West (Europe and NATO) and on the other hand, there is Russia which simply does not accept this choice. It must be said that the Ukrainian people are divided on the subject before 2014 it was pro Russian and after 2014 and became pro European. Since that day Ukraine is presented as having to make a choice. Either one or the other. Russia could have waited for the alternative to be made. The Ukrainians, tired of the corruption of president Zelensky, could have chosen a pro-Russian government…

Here is now the Russian answer on this war by the Russian ambassador.

If Ukraine wants to free Ukraine from Nazis, the journalist asks a very good question by saying that there are also Nazis in Switzerland and wonders if we should expect the Russian army to arrive in Switzerland.

Another interesting question: In January the Russians said that they would never invade Ukraine. Now how should we believe you.


If my opinion is only my opinion and I it is based only on my feeling, here it is. Putin has lost Ukraine. He thought that Russians and Ukrainians were the same people. But Ukrainians have also links with Poles. They are a people who for 30 years started to build themselves. Since 1990 Ukraine exists. To come out of communism is not easy. There was everything to build. But during this period an identity was built. On the one hand I understand Putin who does not want the Americans to settle on their border but I really have the impression that Putin does not accept the will of the Ukrainian people to freely dispose of their destiny. Invading Ukraine will only strengthen the patriotic feeling against the enemy which is Russia. In a conflict normally both sides are listened to and each one makes a step towards the other. We try to understand each other. With this war, each one reinforces its feelings and it becomes more and more difficult to reconcile the two sides. Traumatized by the bombs and this war, the Ukrainians will have hatred against Putin. Even if he succeeds in conquering the whole country, overthrowing the government and organizing a referendum for Ukraine to join the Russian Federation, I can’t imagine that the results will be credible. Even if he wins the war, Putin has lost Ukraine.

Facebook allows war posts urging violence against Russia

Facebook allows war posts urging violence against Russia

Censoship is not neutral. What is good what is bad  is subjective but Meta change radicaly its rules because of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

“As a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine we have temporarily made allowances for forms of political expression that would normally violate our rules like violent speech such as ‘death to the Russian invaders.’ We still won’t allow credible calls for violence against Russian civilians,” a Meta spokesperson said in a statement.

Such information is not believable  but it comes from the serious reuter agency.

Read Reuter message

It is really time to stop using facebook and close account there. It is time to start using alternative for neutral plateform like Fediverse alternative. We can disagree the russian invasion we can support Ukraine but pushing people for violence against specific people and civilians is not acceptable.

Many russian people do not agree with the ‘special operation’ in Ukraine.