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Discovering ĝ1 the first libre money

Discovering ĝ1 the first libre money

Probably you know bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. Recently I discover the first libre money based on the Relative Money Theory

I will not explain the theory but a practical use case. But you have to know before that the difference between other cryptocurrencies and libre currencies is that the all members are able to create the money.

Now let’s go

You have to create an account on cesium you can create it online at or download the application on your computer or phone. Just type cesium on google play.

Just create an account

If you are a physical person you can create a member account. Or for companies you can create a simple wallet.

Take care this creation needs attention ! You have to choose 3 information

  • public nick name
  • secret nick name
  • password

You will not be able to change them. The only possibility to change it is to create a new account.

I will not show you here all screens and details how to create your account. Just read all explaination, do it slowly and carefully and save your key.

Once you have your account you can receive ĝ1 or buy things with it. This currency is new. It started

What is new with this system is that your account can be member account. With member account you can take part of the monetary creation and receive a universal dividend. You can become a member if you know really 5 members.

This currency was born the 8th of march 2017 2 years ago with 59 members. Today you have 1683 members.

What is the advantage of a free money over a other cryptocurrency : Creating currency is very light and does not need a lot energy. This concept is fair even for people who will join the movement in 2 years or 10 year. This concept is very solid because it is based on the relative monetary theory.

This is new and experimental but now it is reality. People buy and sell with this currency. You have libre software now you have libre money.

If you want to know more about libre monney

Referendum of Sovereign Money in Switzerland

Referendum of Sovereign Money in Switzerland

On 10th June 2018 Switzerland will be the first country in the world to have a national referendum on the introduction of Sovereign Money.

The sovereing money is a reform to the banking system that would remove the ability of banks to create money, in the form of bank deposits, when they make loans. It would transfer the ability to create new money exclusively to the state, creating what we have termed a ‘sovereign money’ system.

Sovereign money is issued by a state authority, in Europe a national bank, or the European Central Bank (ECB). Today, sovereign money exists in the form of cash (coins and banknotes) and non-cash central-bank money, called reserves. Such reserves, however, circulate on bank accounts with the central bank only, not on customer current accounts with banks.

Supporters of the initiative, known as the « Vollgeld » or the Sovereign Money Initiative (SMI), say approving the measure would make the financial system safer by preventing bankers from recklessly lending and putting people’s savings at risk — again.

That’s because the change would make it much harder for commercial banks to extend credit, effectively creating cash. Instead, the Swiss National Bank (SNB) would become the monopoly provider of Swiss francs.

However, opinion polls indicate SMI will not receive enough votes to pass. Around two-thirds of the Swiss electorate is expected to vote against the plan, which SNB Governor Thomas Jordan has described as a « dangerous cocktail. »


Personaly I voted Yes