Procrastination…. I wanted to write an article about procrastination but I put it at tomorrow. And the next day I was too tired. The next day I didn’t want to do it and the next day I had no inspiration.

Procrastination is when you put at later something. You don’t do it now but you say I’ll do it later. You are kind of lazy. you are not motivated. Maybe you are down. You could be sad. You could be depressed. You can do many other things.

Do not push at tomorrow what you can to Today

How to not procrastinate.

I have no miracle solution for that unfortunatly but few ideas

1 Be organised

Write down task and put them in priority

2 Start

The most hard thing is to start. Make it 5 mn. It is the hardest 5 mn but after it will be easier

3 Start easy.

Big tasks can be terrifying, so we put them off. By taking that huge job and breaking it down into its first few concrete tasks, you can reduce your fear and help yourself get started.

4 Put your objectif for today

During the day, set goals and rewards. Each time you hit a goal, you earn the reward: a short break

5 Do not put for yourself too much

If you have huge amount of task you will not be happy because you will not finish. In contrary set reachable goal

6 Get a good why.

think about the why. If you’re struggling to get something done, why not spend a few minutes thinking more deeply about exactly why you want to do it.

I will try to make this in application. And you how to you face procrastination ? What is your solution ?

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