Why I don’t like Back Friday

Why I don’t like Back Friday

I just notice that even in western Europe in Switzerland we now have Black Friday.  It is hard to not see advertisement with excuse of Black Friday.  

In the same time we also have huge propagande against global warming. I use volontary propagande because this information is not neutral at all. For me information is neutral when we can learn objective information with advantage and disadvantage. But concerning global warming  there is very few ballanced article. 

Politicaly it is the same. We have kind of propaganda. Globalisation is the new religion. Do you think it is normal that buying in China is cheaper than buying local product ?  Almost all political party promote globalisation and economic groth.

Now you have in one side two opposite propaganda : Glogal warming and economic globalisation. This is totaly contrary. Am I the only one who think  that is none sens. Either global warming is wrong eithe globalisation is not a solution. Because more you produce more you contribute to the global warming. 

And the Back Friday ?? 

You buy useless product. You think it is cheap. Do you really need this product. We receive lot of advertisment that is contrary with global warmin. 

No I will not buy anythink today Black Friday. I don’t believe of globalisation and even with global warming. But I have a real ecological conscience. Buying only what I need. Keeping my product as long as possible. Walking and riding a bicycle instead of driving a car. ETC …

Black Friday push people to buy useless product. That polute the world. This is the origin of the global warming. 

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