Tine de Conflens

Tine de Conflens

The Tine de Conflens is an impressive waterfall, where the Venoge and the Veyron meet in a magnificent rocky place.

The tumultuous waters of the Veyron and the Venoge have shaped canyon-like gorges in the limestone of the Tine de Conflens. Magnificent waterfalls are visible.

The Helvetians, contemporaries of the Romans, built a “châtelard”, a fortified camp, of which the remains of the enclosure remain.

A signposted path leads to the bottom of the gorge where you can admire the perfect torrential “marmites” that “play” with the water.
Let us note finally that the word Tine means barrel and Conflens comes from the word confluence.

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  1. Magnificent! Such wonders in this world, most of which I’ll never see except for the photos online, these are amazing photos, did you feel dwarfed in these surroundings?

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