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How To Find a Job You Love

How To Find a Job You Love

To find a job you love, start with identifying your:

  • God-given skills & abilities – what are some things that you do well. Can you teach, organize, supervise, plan, develop systems, sing, construct, etc.? If you have trouble coming up with these, ask 3 to 5 friends or family members for their input. Ask yourself why someone would hire you. What have you done to bring value to others? What makes you remarkable?
  • Values, dreams, and passions – to identify these, remember back to meaningful times in your growing up years. Think back to activities, times or events when you felt a great sense of happiness and personal accomplishment. Remember, this is a process of discovery.
    Ask yourself these questions as well:
    – What is it that you find naturally enjoyable?
    – If money were not important, what would you spend your time doing?
    – When do you find the time just flying by?
  • Your Unique Personality Style – start with listing the adjectives that best describe you.  Creative, Theoretical, Studious, Analytical, Expressive, Verbal, Adventurous, Dominant, Cheerful, Playful, Solemn, Outgoing, Calm, Logical, Etc. Take a Personality Assessment is often the best way to really get a firm understanding of your own personality style, what really motivates you and what can trigger negative behavior and stress for you. Find out more about the personality assessment here.

In turn, you’ll see clear patterns form that point you toward successful career decisions.

The Job Search Process

Companies are desperately looking for people who are clear on their value and are ready to join their teams.  Identify 30-40 companies and send them an introduction letter and resume. This allows you to not wait for someone to have an “opening” or for that company to take the initiative to advertise a position. That’s how we find the 78% of jobs that are never advertised anywhere.  

But then having found those companies and sent out your introduction letters and resume – you have to be aggressive about making personal contacts.  Ultimately, it comes down to a personal meeting and selling yourself effectively.  No reputable company will hire you based on seeing your resume only.  You have to be creative about getting in front of the decision makers – phone calls, walking in the front door, waiting in the parking lot in the early morning are all legitimate ways to make those personal contacts.  You cannot sit at home and wait for a job offer to come in.

If you committed to walk in the front door of 8 businesses every day next week in your local community, I’m confident you’ll get multiple job offers.  No, this isn’t the complete process, but it’s a quick and effective way to get things moving. The first offer may not be exactly what you want, but by offer number 4 or 5 you’ll have your confidence back and be able to negotiate for what you really do want.  

To get the full process, get 48 Days To the Work You Love

Number of Cigarettes smoked per person per year

Number of Cigarettes smoked per person per year

On this map you can see how many cigarettes are smoked per person per year.

Countres where we smoke less is Norway and Sweden.

In contrary the countries where we smoke the most are Belarus and North Macedonia.

Documentary film about Bill Gates

Documentary film about Bill Gates

Bill Gates could be an example of inpiration and success. Founder of Microsoft, he is today one of the richest man with a fortune of more then 100 billions of dollars. A huge influencer who want to change the world

Who Is Bill Gates? (Full Documentary, 2020)

How Bill Gates Monopolized Global Health

We all know the name Bill Gates associated with windows. He was the founder of windows. It is an example of success story.

Born in 1955 he is an american software developer, investor and philanthropist. He is one of the richest men on earth with a fortune of more than 100 billions USD.

Bill Gates is no public health expert. He is not a doctor, an epidemiologist or an infectious disease researcher. Yet somehow he has become a central figure in the lives of billions of people, presuming to dictate the medical actions that will be required for the world to go “back to normal.” The transformation of Bill Gates from computer kingpin to global health czar is as remarkable as it is instructive, and it tells us a great deal about where we are heading as the world plunges into a crisis the likes of which we have not seen before.

In a protestant church after the lockdown

In a protestant church after the lockdown

A sunday church service without singing

This morning for the first time after the lockdown I have been in a #church service. It was in a traditional protestant church

This is maybe the first time in my life that I go in a sunday church service. I grow up in catholic church and I disliked that.

Goad Discovering Exploration and Curiosity

I describe how it was organised and how I felt.

-At the entrance we must tell our name and give our phone number. In case of problem it will be easy for tracking + desinfection of hands

we sit at a minimum distance of 2 m 20 to 30 people are in the Church

I had huge problem of concentration.

It remind me a streaming service more than a real service

We didn’t sing. This is the firsttime in my life that I am going in a church without siging. I realised how important is singing. Singing have different name according to social groups. Evangelical call it worship. But singing is only a form. hearing music without singing seems so special. Sometime is missing. As far as I remember all christian groups use song in every meetings. The only exception maybe is bible study.

Analyse the form was for me more important that analysing the content.

An other thought came in my mind during the service. Instead of hearing the content I was thinking. Swiss people are really the oposite of spontaneous. They need to organised all. Maybe it was a reason why I am not comforatable. I don’t like or don’t know how to organise things and I like spontaneity. Maybe spontaneity is the only way I can do.

I really love christian groups because spontaneity was free. We can pray like we speak. No need to prepare. We can worship Goas as we are.