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Yellow revolution in France

Yellow revolution in France

French are not like german people. They like to strike. They are grumbler. Regulary they strike and make demonstration. In November 2018 yellow vest started revolt against tax. Was it a protestation like many ? No !! This is the first time than no political organisation was behind. No trade unions. Only midle class people who had enough because the french president Macron add too many taxes. End of november 2018 french president talk to yellow vest : I understand you but I will not change any thing. What want yellow vests in France – Less taxes – More public services – Civil assembly that will represent population – Referemdum – New constitutiom – More democraty Saturday 24 of november they demonstrate in Paris. They decided to continue each saturday untill the governement change.

My opinion with all this protestation : It looks like Ukrainian orange revolution. This strike is for more democraty. But France is not a democraty any more. Bruxelles and european treaty took sovereignty. Macron is more a german than french. He is always with Merkel. He wanted to give nuclear power to Germans. He already sold fast Train to German TGV (Alstom). His reforms are against the population.
Hospital of Lausanne CHUV

Hospital of Lausanne CHUV

The sun is going down, the darkness is coming near the CHUV (Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Lausanne)… This area is a big building area with lot of crane.

Spectacle of color in the sky without cloud. Agora building looks more like an exibition center or art gallery than a research against cancer building.


How many kisses? Bisous? French greetings

How many kisses? Bisous? French greetings

In France when you greet a friend or a family member you don’t hug but you say hello with kisses.

Rule :

  • A man just give a hand to a man.
  • A woman can kiss a woman
  • A woman can kiss a man

Concerning the number of kiss : The general rule is 2. But as you can see on the map it depends according to the region. It can be 1, 2, 3 or 4. Personnaly I never see someone greet with 5 kisses.

If you kiss a friend, it means that you are a close friend. If a man shake the hand of a woman it means that the man or the woman want to keep a distance. But you have to feel it. The context is very important to know if you (a man) greet a woman with shaking hand or with a kiss. Never hug !!!

Concerning hug, slowly some people can start hugging. It is very rare but maybe this is influence of american films or english culture.

As a stranger, if you give your hand to greet someone you will never make a mistake. After a while if you are close and want to do like french, you can kiss. If someone start to greet you by kissing just accept.

Concerning the french language now when using TU and VOUS.

An other hard things impossible to explain is polite formule. Sometimes you have to say VOUS and sometimes TU. In the past VOUS was polite and TU casual but now it tends to be opposite. TU show a friendliness and proximity while VOUS shows a distance.

If you don’t know someone you can use vous, talking with a phone with someone you don’t know : use vous, in a shop use vous.

With your friends use tu. If you use vous with your friends, it is very rude and strange. It is like your friend is not your friend. If you start using vous and continue with tu, it means that you trust your friend and now you are closer.

If someone say vous, continue with vous, If someone say tu continue with tu.


Gruyère 1st of August

Gruyère 1st of August

The first of August is the national day of Switzerland. I was at Gruyere a medieval and picturesque town. Maybe you know the cheese gruyere. It comes form that village and that region.

One event of that day is traditionaly playing Alphorn and playing with swiss flag.



The typic food of Gruyere is meringue with cream of Gruyère. It was really good sweet. Cow eat green grass of the Alp product quality milk and cream. Such dessert cost 9.90 Fr (10 USD or 8.50 €).

The village of Gruyere has really interesting building and architecture.

Some houses are very old. You also have a castle.


La Ciotat

La Ciotat

La Ciotat  means The City in Occitan language. Situated at 26 Km east of Marseille (france),  this city has fabulous calanques and the highest maritime cliffs of Europe, with its highest point. All along the coast for more than 20 km La Ciotat and the sea have been closely linked since ancient times.

You should also take a walk in the Mugel Park and all along the trails admire the wonderful Mediterranean vegetation, and at the top the bird’s eye view of the city, the bay and the Green Islands.


The coast has meanly rocks and just little beach rarely with sand. The water could be very transparent. La Ciotat has an artificial sand beach because of its rocky location.

This Oliver tree has a trunc seperated in tree. It should be very old.



Yverdon is the second most important town in the Canton of Vaud. It is famous for its thermal springs and is an important regional centre for commerce and tourism.



The imposing main walls and their four towers were erected within a few years. The design of the castle followed the geometric characteristics used for castles set in plains



Walking in the center we can see very old house. This house was build in 1675 more than 300 years old


Saint Aubin Neuchâtel

Saint Aubin Neuchâtel

Saint-Aubin-Sauges is a village of La Grande-Béroche and a former Swiss commune in the canton of Neuchâtel, located in. Go down to the lake  at the harbour. You can have a nice view toward the east side of the lake.

Referendum of Sovereign Money in Switzerland

Referendum of Sovereign Money in Switzerland

On 10th June 2018 Switzerland will be the first country in the world to have a national referendum on the introduction of Sovereign Money.

The sovereing money is a reform to the banking system that would remove the ability of banks to create money, in the form of bank deposits, when they make loans. It would transfer the ability to create new money exclusively to the state, creating what we have termed a ‘sovereign money’ system.

Sovereign money is issued by a state authority, in Europe a national bank, or the European Central Bank (ECB). Today, sovereign money exists in the form of cash (coins and banknotes) and non-cash central-bank money, called reserves. Such reserves, however, circulate on bank accounts with the central bank only, not on customer current accounts with banks.

Supporters of the initiative, known as the « Vollgeld » or the Sovereign Money Initiative (SMI), say approving the measure would make the financial system safer by preventing bankers from recklessly lending and putting people’s savings at risk — again.

That’s because the change would make it much harder for commercial banks to extend credit, effectively creating cash. Instead, the Swiss National Bank (SNB) would become the monopoly provider of Swiss francs.

However, opinion polls indicate SMI will not receive enough votes to pass. Around two-thirds of the Swiss electorate is expected to vote against the plan, which SNB Governor Thomas Jordan has described as a « dangerous cocktail. »


Personaly I voted Yes

Why Belarus is a strange country

Why Belarus is a strange country

If you look at a map, you can see that Belarus is like an island. Blue is when Google Street took photos. Belarus is white. You cannot visit Belarus with Google Street View. I like to visit a country walking in a street city clicking on Google Street but in Belarus it is not possible.  You have only few pictures. And I notice that very few cars are on the streets. Where are cars ? You have only your dream and your imagination.

Belarus is an unknown country. Most of people have never heard about just the name or at least they think it is a part of Russia. Belarus is a strange country. It is situated in Europe just near Poland but very few people speak englich.

Belarus has no foreigner. Gomel a city of 500 000 inhabitants has only 12 foreign students only.

There is no unemployment. Wow hard to believe. If you loose your job, you get 12 $ not per hour, not per day but 12 $ per month. You can get a ticket for 1 month of transportation with that price. During that period you have to work 4 days per month with general interest work like cleaning the street. After that period if you have no job, you have to pay tax of 250$. You have to work at least 182 days per year otherwise you pay the taxe.

If you are unemployed you have to pay a tax of 250$.

When you are retired you get … 50$ per month. If you work you get 100$ per month. Even if the prices are not hight, it is hard to live with that amount. Hard to imagine.

If you buy a mobile phone, you get a service with it.

If you want to visit Belarus you don’t need a visa if you go by plane and stay less than 5 days. If you enter with the train or by car you need a visa.

How belarusian see western countries ?

« In my country exist poor working people. In your country are poor people if they take drugs or alcohol »

Here diesel fuel in a cars does not work at the winter. 1 l of petrol cost 0.65 and 1l or diesel 0.75$. They think that Switzerland was in European Union and there is no border. The knowledge is not exact.

In Belarus people speaks russian and Belarusian is less and less used and spoken.

Some people say that Belarus is the last dictatorship in Europe. It is definitively different.

I have never been in Belarus but that would be a nice country to discover. I imagine it should be more than a travel in space but maybe a travel in time and mentality. Forget all you know and learn new things. I can imagine people with less material value but much more time and inside value.

If you even want to explore a new country where no migrant can go and tourists are welcome but hard to attract. Read why do so few tourist visit Belarus ?

Have you ever been in Belarus ? Have you ever talk or been in contact with belarusian ? What is your experience ?


The longest bridge of Europe and Russia open

The longest bridge of Europe and Russia open

After 3 years of work, The bridge between Russia and Crimean has been opened. It is the longest bridge in Europe with 19 km.

This “project of the century” completes what Mr Putin has framed as Russia’s historic reunification with Crimea four years after it was seized from Ukraine in the wake of a pro-Western revolution there.

The bridge may offer some relief for residents of the peninsula, who largely supported annexation but have suffered high prices for food and goods after deliveries from Ukraine were stopped. Sanctions have cut off trade with the rest of the world.

Before the commissioning of the bridge in the transport blockade imposed by Ukraine, the main routes to and from the Crimea were Kerch-Taman ferry line and air transport. However, the capacity of the ferry line is limited, which led to long delays on crossing during the peak of the tourist season, as well as during storms in the Kerch Strait

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